About us

Center of International & Cross-Strait Cooperation and Exchanges makes exchanges, teachers and students the foundation of international education.
This has a broadening effect on both international education in the university and on exchanges with the foreign universities and institutions.
Currently, we have signed academic and cultural exchange agreements with 100 universities, and each year teachers and students go abroad for long or short-term exchange programs.
In recent years, we have been actively recruiting foreign students to study at our university.
Our goal is to increase the number of opportunities for local students to interact with foreign students, and to broaden their worldviews. We look forward to our university becoming a truly international university.


Main services

1.Planning and enforcement of Academic and Cultural Exchange Compact.
2.Planning and singling of the further studies for teacher and staff.
3.Planning and singling of the further studies and exchange programs for students.
4.Encourage and transact the attendance of international academic conference and proseminars for teachers.



Dean: Dr. Lung, Ching-Yung


TEL:886-37-651188 ext.8700


Dean: Chen, Jan-Min


TEL:886-37-651188 ext.8060


Director: Chen, Chuan-Mei
TEL:886-37-651188 ext.8910


Life Counseling Teacher: Richy Setiawan

TEL:886-37-651188 ext.8911


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Welcome you to The Center of International & Cross-Strait Cooperation and Exchanges of Yu Da University.
 If you have any new ideas or would like to give us your advises or suggestions, just contact us. 
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Tel: 886-37-651188#8910
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Working Hours:
Monday~Friday 8:20~17:10(12:10~13:20Lunch Time)
Location: Room 123 of Administration Building
Address: No. 168, Hsueh-fu Rd., Tan-wen Village, Chao-chiao Township, Miao-li County, 36143 Taiwan (R. O. C.)